Friday, May 21, 2010

Leeeeeeebron James

I enjoy the NBA but mostly just the postseason. Mainly, I just root for Lebron to be the best of all time now. I figured I'd take a blog and speculate about his future since most others are. Some thing he'll be loyal and remain in Cleveland and I think this is insanely optimistic to say the least. He clearly wants to be the best ever and has the talent to do so. However, in Cleveland his 2nd best player is comparable to the 4th or 5th best player on these teams making deep runs in the NBA playoffs. He's a Yankees fan (like myself), but doesn't live in New York, what's that tell you? He isn't as loyal to his city as he claims, he even wears Yankees caps to the Indians vs. Yankees games. With this knowledge and the fact that he will be wanting to dominate and win every year, and yes I think he can do this with the right squad, I'll speculate the teams I'd like to see him play for or that he may, I'll leave alot off.

1) New York, the team isn't so hot but they can sign 2 max free agents. Lebron has talked about how he wanted to be the first billionaire athlete. Clearly he didn't know who Tiger Woods was, as he just accomplished this in the past year. If that's his goal though, New York is the place for him to be. With D'Antoni as head coach I don't really want to see it but who knows.

2) Miami Heat, Dwayne Wade could stay and Lebron could also have a house in a state with no state tax (although this isn't too big a deal, but if he makes another $500,000,000 living here he'd save somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000,000-$10,000,000 dollars). I don't like this fit either, he could use another star, and although Wade is a superstar, his style would not mesh with Lebron's as he needs the ball too much. I'd prefer to see Lebron with a nice big man like Chris Bosh.

3) Cleveland, blah I hope he leaves, I think it's a disaster for his future if he stays other than the city loving him for life which they should anyhow. He has one bad game in 7 years in the playoffs and they boo him? He's saved the franchise, without him this squad probably wouldn't be in the playoffs.

4) New Jersey Nets, with this new billionaire owner it would be interesting, but I can't see them turning it around like he thinks. An interesting scenario I'd be curious to see turn out.

5) Los Angeles Clippers, I would like to see this out of all the teams, although they underperformed last year Lebron could play with rising talents like Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon. Lebron would help them develop and they can be stars while allowing him to still control the team.

Anyhow, these are just my thoughts, I know everyones' varies.

Poker was meh yesterday, won a few grand I think, had a guy down to 5bets at 15/30 right before I went to sleep and lost about 1500 or so to him, o well pretty decent day overall.

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