Monday, January 31, 2011

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand July 4-5, 2010

I am heading to South America shortly to stay in Brazil, and then travel to neighboring countries. I decided that due to this I should stop slacking and try to add a blog a day about the last trip so that I can catch up and blog on the current trip I will be on. Ko Phi Phi is an island off of Thailand. It was absolutely insane. On the way to the pier on the motor bike, Laurie and I got a flat tire. Ko Phi Phi was amazing. While Kata itself was very relaxing and fun, Ko Phi Phi was a great release and very fun. We swam in the clear water, saw some neat tiny islands and monkeys, and also got to go to some amazingly fun/simple bars. I'd highly recommend a trip here if you come to Thailand. You can get to it from most places in Thailand I believe, put aside 1-2 days for this. The island itself has fun bars at night and great people, it's very tiny though. You also want to make sure you can take a ferry to the other islands for the day. So if you are arriving at night time then stay that night and one more to get everything in, and if you get there in the morning one day and night should be fine.

Oops, not the best timing

After the flat tire we missed the ferry to Ko Phi Phi and had to wait for the next one, so we just drove around for some. We stumbled upon this intersection, check out the name of it.

And it was just that

I picked up a comic book to entertain me on the boat ride

Finally we got on the ferry, and I could start throwing back some Sing.

A nice shot from the land

We had only gotten a few hours of sleep the night before because we decided to add this stop to our trip, and we had to get it in on this day. We ended up passing out in our room at about 11pm and waking up at 2am. We could not fall asleep so we wandered the island, and am I glad we did. We bought a bucket, which consisted of about 8 shots of vodka, a red bull, and a coke. The US needs these.

We found Slinky's bar, it was insane. It was a bunch of 20 year olds who were almost all on some sort of drug, and the bar itself was amazing, with body paint, the world cup on, etc.

After it was done, we decided to stay up for the sunset.

A few hours later we got on a ferry to tour the island. There are a bunch of separate little islands off of the main one. The first stop was monkey island, which had just that, wild monkeys on a tiny strip of land. The ferry was awesome, it was about $15-20 USD a person, we got a dinner on the boat, we got to see the sunset, see monkey island, and tour the island that "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed on.

Laurie likes to get hands on

Struttin' around

The nice blue water

A poorly taken picture at the beach where "The Beach" was filmed

Nice Sunset 1

Nice Sunset 2

Nice Sunset 3

A monkey outside the bar to be pet for money. While the monkey is cute, it was real sad to see a drugged up monkey being exploited. This is similar to how elephants are treated around lots of Thailand, it's one of the only things I did not like about the country.

We went to a bar on the island that gave out those free buckets I spoke of earlier for boxing against another traveler.

And yes, it happened. Apparently they get 3 fights a night, crazy.

I hope you enjoyed. Next blog will be up soon.