Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ignoring Swings in Life

I used to blog about things that were relative to both poker and life and so I will continue that trend with this new blog. Before I get started though, I had a fun time at the Yankees game yesterday, I'll post some pictures later. They lost 10-6 to the Rays but it was not that close, they were down 10-2 in the 9th with 2 outs and sparked a comeback. In fact the last game I went to they also scored 4 runs in the 9th to lose by 1.

I maybe lost like 1.1k or something at 30/60 the other day which is hardly anything, about 18 bets or so which is a typical quick swing in LHE. One of those railbirds started typing "omg, I can't believe you just lost that much, sorry he ran." To which I replied "meh, w/e". In the past especially when times are going well it's easy to look at a quick loss and shrug it off, however when in a tough stretch sometimes it is not that easy and these little swings can get to you. Some buddies have reminded me though that the past is the past and to move on. Remembering all day that you just lost, say 15k to start the day, will not help at all. It will actually do the exact opposite and hinder your play, most likely clamming up and getting ran over. Thus, if you can try to remember to put past losses behind you fast and treat each game as its own individual game. In doing so you will see a positive change reflected in your game if you have not been able to look at this game like that already.

Some of you may be wondering how I am relating this post to everyday life. Well, in countless ways poker is related to stuff in every day life. People go through swings with everything, whether it be emotional or physical. Those who aren't mentally tough will complain and bitch about stuff, such as I am so unlucky, I can't believe I broke my ankle, or I can't believe I just lost my job. When it reality it would be much more beneficial to realize that you can't alter the past and only make solid strides forward. Instead of complaining about the injury and moping to yourself, rehab as hard as you can to get back faster. Instead of complaining about losing your job, put together a great resume and go find an even better job.

Case and point, the PAST IS THE PAST, don't dwell, go onward faster and stronger and you will see great leaps in your life.


  1. This blog is new to me...i like your stuff young man!

  2. just started it, trying to help some others that will read it as far as friends go understand what i'm talking about when i talk about poker conceptually