Sunday, May 23, 2010

Anxious for Thailand and June 1st

I'm very excited to get back to Thailand and see more of their culture. Also to simply just have fun in a new environment. I'm not sure if I am going to do any other traveling, but with round trip tickets being ~$2k a piece for both I and Laurie each, I think it'd be wise of me to try and see places like New Zealand, Bali, Fiji, Australia, or any of Asia while out here. This is difficult as it is tough to stay on any kind of budget for the trip. Also, while most friends of mine seem to think that if you play poker you can just take tons of time off, that is far from the truth. Sure, I can take time off for vacation and take off random weekdays like your average working person. However, I put in more hours at my "job" than any friend I know that is not a poker player, maybe some WallStreet guys put in more time, but that'd be close. Anyhow, if people say well go to those places and what not, then I end up costing myself a ton of money in expected income. A good way for me to relate this to my non-poker friends is that it would be like a casino shutting down to go on breaks. When operating they have a said edge, but if they needed to close they give up "expected" income even though on any given day they may actually lose. However, statistics always pan out over large sample sizes. While I can't look at life merely as expected income lost, I do need to heavily weight it within my options. You don't want to get so caught up in missing out on money you'd expect, that you don't enjoy your life while you are young. Poker has allowed me the freedom I've wanted and I will travel with it and make the most of what I can. My advice for fellow poker players who get caught up in this, is to allocate time for friends and traveling, and set up some hours where you will definitely play. I hope my trip goes well, pretty stoked for it.

Some pictures for those who don't know Phuket, Thailand.

Streets during the day time

Muay Thai Fight

Street at night time

Karon Beach, 5 minutes from us

Kata Beach, our beach

Kata Beach also, I'll try to get a shot of Laurie in this location


  1. last pic is actually maya bay @phi phi

    and GL getting your own shot of that scene; the beach was nasty and overrun by tourists both times we were there :(

  2. o cool, yea we'll be over there, clearly don't know my stuff yet, excited to see, i'll try to go at the least touristy time