Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back in the Jerz, Awesome Trip - Part 1

So I got home on August 2nd, but it still feels like just yesterday even though it is about a week. For the last month I probably got about 3-4 hours of sleep a night on average, pretty ridiculous, but my body is young and can still take it. We crammed it all in and pushed it hard to see as much as we could at each place. It is way too much to put in to 1 blog so I'll make about 4 or so over the next week if I can stay on top o f it. From Phuket, Thailand, we took a flight over to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Before doing so we shipped home all 4 suitcases and picked up backpacks to travel with for the rest of the trip, I EVEN SHIPPED HOME a laptop, which meant I wasn't going to play poker for 1 whole month when I haven't taken off over 10 days straight ever since I began playing. It was well worth it and I'll be getting back to the grind shortly.

Chiang Mai was a change of pace from the everyday quiet and fun beach life we were living at the time in Phuket. Chiang Mai is a nice small city with a lot to see. It doesn't have your large building like a Bangkok would. It was a nice place to see some sights and relax for some cheap drinks, here are some photos.

Upon arriving in the airport

The night market

Laurie and I at Phuping Palace where the King and Queen of Thailand live during the winter

The fountain of celestial water of people from the Queen

The 300 some odd steps to the top of Wat Doi Suthep, a famous temple near the King's Palace

Laurie and I with a monk, he told us to make sure we didn't touch him

The view from Wat Doi Suthep