Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1st blog - Heading to Thailand and congrats to brother

For those who don't know me I am Reese and I play poker professionally. I used to blog for www.stoxpoker.com which I decided to leave after producing a mass production of poker training videos. The site was later caught up in scandals and cardrunners took over. Anyhow, I'll be blogging alot more to keep family and friends posted on my adventures and how life is going.

A few things for the first blog, I'm headed back to Thailand, I went by myself in September of 09' and have wanted to go back since. This time I am heading back with my girlfriend, Laurie, and will post a bunch of pictures when I get them. It's nice to be able to travel whenever and be able to afford going on random adventures at this age in life and I am able to do that all because of poker. I wanted to talk about another topic of how I came to playing full time but I'd rather do that so I am posting a 2nd blog shortly.

Secondly, congrats to my oldest brother Brooks and my new sister-in-law for getting married this past weekend, I'll probably post some pictures later. I was honored to be the best man and it was a great wedding/reception. I thought I'd be most nervous giving my best man speech but I actually wasn't and I was extremely nervous with the rings in my pocket. I probably checked to make sure they were there about 58 times or so within 2 hours. I'm little jealous as they are in the Dominican Republic and I'm stuck in New Jersey.

I'm headed to the Rays vs Yankees game tomorrow at Yankee stadium and praying some of the rain holds off. It says 30% chance of precipitation which I think the site of weather.com always says so I'm not too worried. I'm heading with my girlfriend, friend, and grandma. My grandmother is a huge Yankees fan so I had to take her to a game before I left for Thailand.

Some pics from the wedding

The girlfriend and I at the rehearsal dinner

Sippin some tea gettin ready for Thailand

Thinking of my turn equity vs balancing my ranges

the best man and the couple

stretch limo

best man speech

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