Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thailand Flight tomorrow

I leave tomorrow for Thailand with Laurie at about 10:40pm. The total flight time with connections is approximately 26 hours. With traveling too and from the airport and getting ready we will be looking at about 36 hours of getting ready and settling in. It will be an exhausting day, but one I am looking forward to. We got our vaccinations today which were pretty steep for shots. It cost just under $700. The main cost was a $170 counseling fee by the doctor that took him all of 5 minutes to explain what we already knew about Thailand. That fee was for each of us which is pretty absurd for just that, o well. Not much else is new, May was a mediocre month as far as poker goes. I was busy seeing family for holidays, birthdays, and the wedding. I'll update with some pictures when I get there. I'm very excited and ready, have to pack tonight, going to probably end my poker soon for the night. It will be 4 days off or so which is a lot for me. I couldn't get the Yankees video uploaded as I think it was too long. Hope everyone is doing well.

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