Friday, June 18, 2010

World Travels

Originally I had planned to stay in Thailand with Laurie for 2-5 months. As is the case with me though, I quickly alter my plans often staying in the moment. We love the Thai people and the 5-star resort we are staying in. However, we have decided that while we are half way around the world, we might as well see more. So after this month, we are leaving Thailand to embark on a journey that will take course over a little less than a month, here are some pictures of places we are going. Of course I will post as many pictures as I can. I had a crappy camera because I accidentally lose and break things alot, but since the sites are so amazing I have a new camera being shipped to me better capture our surroundings. Before I get started with the pictures I'd like to thank all the fish who have deposited to my travel fund through out my poker career.

Chang Mai, Thailand
The Wat Chiang Ruins

Bangkok, Thailand
The Marble Temple

The city during the day

The city at night time

Phnom Phen, Cambodia
Angkor Ruins, perhaps the largest ancient city in the world

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Their City

Bali, Indonesia
Bali is known for their beautiful oceans

And the views you can get at sunset

Melbourne, Australia
Some of their architecture

Their city

Sydney, Australia
The Opera House

Honolulu, Hawaii
The Coastline

Up there with the beaches I have been to

After this, I will sadly be going back to New Jersey, then most likely moving to Florida


  1. Will you be taking the train to Bangkok aboard the Thailand Express?

  2. I will not, flying around in Thailand

  3. Reese don't go to Honolulu, trust me, go to Maui or Kawaii (stay at the Hyatt resort in Kawaii).. just go to Honolulu for one day to see the Arizona memorial....

  4. I went to Honolulu and loved it, if I hadn't dropped so much already, or had any more free time while there i would have. I'll do that up next time I stay out there which I'd put an over/under at 2 years from now.