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Bali, Indonesia July 16th-21st, 2010

Culture: Because of it’s location it is a mix of a bunch of different cultures and religions.

Religion: It is a mix of different religions, but the majority are Muslim at 87%. However, the people were very nice and nothing like what we experienced in Malaysia.

Language: Indonesian

Population: 4,000,000

Transportation: There are lots of motorbikes, the streets are narrow and cars drive here, but the main transportation is by motor bike.

Beer: Bintang was the most commonly offered beer, which I enjoyed.

Currency: Rupiah, it is another monopoly like type of money, with 9000 Rupiah equaling $1 USD. It is fun to hold a $1,000,000 bill, nut I wouldn’t know because I kept changing in Benjamin Franklins one at a time for $900,000 Rupiah.

Nightlife: Fun and inexpensive, lots of bars to go to in Jayakarta. Other areas not so much though.

A fun Reggae Bar in Jayakarta, only picture and I didn’t take it so I can’t help the blurriness

Internet: Super snazzy and tons of power outages, not practical to be here if you rely on the internet to connect with other or work. You can go on at cafes, but they are not very reliable.

Shopping: Most shops are similar so it is very easy to haggle on prices and bid them down. It is an easy place to pick up cheap jewelry and gifts.

Place Stayed At: I cannot recall the names of the places, it is expensive for accommodations though. However, the food, drinks, and shopping is not very pricey

Sites to See: Nothing in particular here. It was just a great relaxing beach area that people should go to for honeymoons and such. Due to this, I’ll just post pictures of neat things there. We stayed just outside of Jayakarta which is a fun party town. We stayed in Ubud the first night, but nothing is over there so we quickly moved to the beach/party area of Jayakarta. There are a bunch of Australians that vacation here due to it’s proximity so we met a bunch, and thus language is not an issue here.

Rice paddies in Ubud. Like Cambodia, rice is a huge staple of their diet and exports here. This is where she stays in the book Eat, Pray, Love.

Writing up these trip write ups while getting my dead skin bitten off of my feet.

A store on our way in from Ubud where we stayed for 1 night. This is from The Lion King, “Hakuna Matata” - it means no worries for the rest of your days (or so they say in the song).

Laurie at the hotel bar. This place was neat, the bartending staff was very friendly, and they loved American music so they would ask me to put my ipod on at night. The Australians we met here were very fun also.

The suite we moved to for our last night in Bali due to an altercation at the other hotel.

The bathroom in the suite. After much backpacking it was great for Laurie to be able to soak in the tub for a relaxed evening.

The nice pool at the hotel

The monopoly money, it is just strange to have, or to treat as real money.

Myself at Kuta Beach

Kuta beach, note the black sand, it is from volcanic ash and pretty cool. The sand is super smooth and feels so great on your feet.

All of the motorbikes on the street. They sold magazines off these, pretty funny, they would bother you asking about them while you were trying to eat at the restaurants.

A pirate at the beach basically. I got other photos, but they came out blurry, he was wearing a patch and had a parrot on his shoulder.

A beautiful sunset to cap off an awesome time in Bali. This is on Kuta Beach. I actually made Laurie get up from our dinner to come take this with me since it was the best sunset I'd ever witnessed.

Likes: The beach sand was so soft due to the volcanic ash in it. The people were very friendly, the nightlife was fun and not too expensive. There are also a bunch of Australians who vacation here as their hotspot so English gets by just fine. The food is not very pricey, and it is good Western food again. You can also bargain for stuff on the streets very easily.

Dislikes: The hotels are rather pricey, other than that I had a great time here.

Overall: 9/10 and highly recommended


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